Pv Module Manufacture
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Pv Module Manufacture

Linyang Renewable has the world-leading automatic PV module production line in Qidong, Jiangsu,with the current production capacity of 500MW and havingthe ability of producing a full range of mono and poly-crystalline PV modules from 195W to 320W.


Compared to the manual and semi-automatic ones, the automatic production line manufactures quality moduleswith more reliability and stable performance, fully being able to meet customer requirements for highquality. Furthermore, the use of fully automatic production line may better control the costs and create more value for customers.


Linyang Renewable established a higher quality standard than the industry counterpart,and fulfilled total quality management system from material incoming to product outgoing inspection. Furthermore,strictly following ISO9001 quality management system,our solar module is certified by CQC and T?V S?D, and passes theT?V S?D salt mist and anti-PID test and “Frontrunner” certification issued by CQC.